3:27 AM, the Sun is slowly rising.

We’re waiting, observing, securing each other. Not even drowsy, due to the adrenaline’s appearance. Micklas on his position in the bushes, I – Weyk on the tree, Hristph is setting spikes. Everything’s looking perfect, but we always have to be careful.
When we locate a potential target, we need about two weeks for arrangements. Firstly, flight of the Battle-Drone, then airdrop of Mobile Infiltrating Unit. After a quick reconnaissance, we must get it out of (un)known area. Next step is about estimating passages that security takes when patrolling. In this case, they weren’t complicated, so we figured them out during the first flight. The last thing is finding a way into the building we have to get in, which is usually the hardest part of infiltrating process, so it was this time. We’ve noticed that hole in the wall which we’ve found earlier is repaired now. There were no entrance on the ground level, so I had to find another one, undeniable that located higher. Sitting on the tree, I was trying to transform my flashlight into monocular. Useful and compact gadget which is necessary in our profession. Mine current position allowed me to look for any possible entrances. Building, which we were about to infiltrate had a few “balconies”. One row was connected with ladder, with which we could achieve seemingly opened window on the highest floor. If it is not shortened, naturally.

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In a small village, far from dingy anomaly called “town”, there was an abnormal place. Some people may call it a museum, some will add an “open-air” phrase to it, but the author would rather call it “White Orchard”, because it was reminding him one fictitious place. There were 3 cottages, 2 windmills and 3 mysterious quasi-statues. All of these objects were surrounded by the nature. Nothing special, to be honest, but dear bystander laying down on the field and closing your eyes would make you fall deeply asleep. There were no villains, prowling to slit your throat, but the place’s aura was peaceful and harmonic. You could hear the sound of trees, whisper of wind, and even sounds of the local fauna. Perfect place to escape from big town. Keep that thought in mind cause I will come back to it at the end of the story.


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